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Percy (Shing) is building a software platform to allow individuals and companies to share information for field/remote assets easily, for example via a web link (URL) to a web server such as This approach leverages the fast growing cloud computing infrastructures and methodologies and can help companies lower the cost of managing their location based assets by building on top of popular consumer web map apps such as google map. The advantage of this approach is that it reduces the need for a company to invest or maintain information technology infrastructure such as server hardware, associated operating system and applicaton software. Additionally, the system can be scaled easily on demand because of the nature of the underlying architecture and the fact it resides in a secure large scale data center managed by one of the major commercial cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services. Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. Even if a company already uses a internal GIS system, Map It can facilitate sharing of location data to people external to the company. In fact, Map It can act as a secure pipe line between the internal GIS system and external users on the internet. Currently, Percy is developing an excel-based (as opposed to URL based) solution to display map markers so that bi-directional data update is possible. Percy is currently seeking business problems/difficulties by collaborating or partnering with individuals and companies to participate in the development and trials so that software to business fit is optimized. You can become a founding business partner and enjoy long lasting free service and significant future price discount by submitting your email address below.

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Map It (

Released June 2020

Map It is created to facilitate the sharing of messages attached to geographic locations. It was designed to make easier creating custom map markers compared to just using plain google map. Besides carrying the location information (GPS coordinates), the marker also carries a title (tooltip) and an infowindow text message. The message can even be HTML text and contain links that points to more web pages, assembly drawing PDFs with more hyperlinks or query online database or spreadsheet for information. To date, two versions, a URL and a database version have been made. For the URL version, all of the information Map It uses is stored inside the URL. The web server stores no user content. It acts only as a user-interface processing engine and it re-interprets the map display purely from the URL that was passed to it. For the database version, all of the map and marker content are stored in a cloud database. Users working on the same map/project get simultaneous real time updates and can collaborate easily to build the map together. In fact, users can tour the city together with street view. Only a short link (via a unique Project ID) is needed to retrieve and edit the content.

Field Info (

First prototype as of September 12, 2020

Percy is currently building the PDF and excel components. You are encouraged to contact him directly to offer your ideas or needs.

File Service (

Began developing as of October 13, 2020

This is a service to allow users to upload and download files to be used to stream files , say PDF as shown in the Field Info's example above. Completed downloads from static storage - works already as can be seen in Field Info. Currently working on developing connections into major commercial cloud storage facilities.

Travel together (

Prototype completed as of November 26, 2020

This is a real time collaborative platform with a mapping or GIS twist. The best way to describe it is that you try it out with multiple devices, say your smart phone and your computer. Many users can be on the same map at the same time. Add markers or go into street view so that the group can tour the city together with every user steering/contributing.